Is there any way to cut/copy/export/import songs in a folder in a batch mode instead of one by one

I have too many folders on my BB and trying to clean things up, but having a hard time figuring out the best way to do this when my folders have 20+ songs/beats in them. Is there any batch mode capability other than dragging one song at a time to another folder. I Exported an entire folder, but it is one pbf file and not sure how to import it so all those songs in it go into another folder. Not sure if I am missing something. Thanks,

This has long been a feature requested by users (that as well as batch drag and drop of beats/songs).

You will have to export each song individually however, some versions of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) allow you to select and import several (of the exported) songs at a time to a different folder.

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The BeatBuddy Loader will soon have the ability to export all drumsets and folders in project on SD as .drm and .sng files into your computer for easy file management :slight_smile:

Will you be able to associate drumsets and tempo - potentially duration to songs that do not have drumsets yet? Maybe duration is asking too much but the other would be handy.

No, the BeatBuddy Loader is only a file management app, it cannot edit files


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