Is there any way to dub fills using Tascam

Although a more-than-fair guitar player, I am not rhythmically inclined enough to simultaneously use the footswitch to create fills while recording on my DP24SD. I can, however, time the BB verse/chorus/bridge changes well while playing.

It seems the solution, if possible, is to dub fills after laying down the drum changes (without fills).

Is there any way to get the fills routed out separately from the BB? (This way I could overdub fills on separate tracks.)

Other suggestions are requested, please. Possibly punching cut-n-paste fills?

(Respectfully, no DAW usage ever intended.)

A great unit, regardless–Jhey.

Without using a DAW, and just using the B.B. and the DP24SD, it would seem that the best way would be to edit or create a new song within Beat Buddy Manager where you place the fills that you would like to use as the intro. That way, you could record your drum track using whatever verse/chorus arrangement you had in mind, then, while playing that back, go to your fills “song” and punch in the fills at the right moments. In other words, on the Beat Buddy, you would have one song arranged as you have it now, which is used to create your basic track, and then a second (or maybe even third, fourth and fifth) song, where the the only thing in the song is a fill, placed in the intro section, and a null in the main loop. After recording your main song, you go back to the Beat Buddy, and cue up up the song that had your first fill. Play the recorded main song back in punch in mode, and when you get to the right spot, play the fill only song on the B.B. Repeat as necessary.

Thanks Phil. I see what you’re suggesting. Using the “punch-in mode” would allow me to not put the fills on top of the existing drum playing, which would otherwise sound unnatural to say the least.

I found an introductory drum instruction DVD (for beginners) that might give me better insight on where fills might typically be placed. I think this is a large part of the problem for me. (I’ve not played with drummers previously.)

In furthering this point (in above paragraph), am I in error to think that although fills generally are used on changes, adding fills elsewhere is a matter of what sounds good to the ear?

I have a BB Mini, too, but will want to use the fills of the BB when laying down drum track. (Been addressing health issues last few months, so haven’t had time to use either.)

Much appreciated, Jhey.