Is there any way to get my footswitch to do the....

…ending of the song (with just one hit)? I am having a difficult time on the endings where I have to tap twice on the pedal. Thanks!


Did you get the extra foot switch pedal (the one with two footswitches)? You can program one to play the outro with one push.

That’s awesome! Time to break out the manual. Thanks!

Oops. Forgot to say that, yes I do have the foot switch with 2 switches.

I’m not finding anything on how to program it. Can you explain how to do it? Thanks.

See pg 17 in the BB manual - enter the ‘Settings’ mode, scroll to ‘Footswitch’ scroll to ‘Footswitch Configuration’.

I got it working. Thanks. Thats awesome.

Thank you Nagesh and Rob, No more messing up the double tap out !!!