Is there anyway to have a hybrid drumset?

Is there or can anybody make a hybrid drumset?

Like you can make a part 1 with standard drumset and a Part 2 with percussion? And switch between this 2 parts, could be fine for a Ballad.


EDIT: I just realized that you specifically used the word “Hybrid”, so please ignore the first paragraph!

If you are referring to loading two or more drumsets for different parts of a song during a performance, then that’s a no, because (a) the BBManager doesn’t support that and, most importantly, (b) because the BB loads all the drumset samples when you select a song and it takes some time to do it.

Your best bets are (a) to use the Standard Pro drumset, which includes some percussion instruments along with the standar drum set or (b) make your own HYBRID drumset, starting with one you like and adding specific percussion samples from the BB WAVES (if I’m not mistaken) directory.

I have used both options.

yeah I gonna take a look to replace some sound on a drumkit with percussion if this is possible
Thank you