Is there some app or method that allows batch velocity mod?

So the issue is the drumbeats in the case of toms snares and some kicks are too loud in most of the beats in both the factory sets and user sets. A lot of these are set at 127 velocity which is way too high at any time. It just introduces distortion and makes the drumbeats “unlistenable”.

So is there an app (or a method) that allows me to quickly mod those velocities for a group of BB midi files that are associated with the drumbeats, or is the only way to go through each and every pattern and modify the velocity note by note?


I’m unaware of a program that will allow batch velocity processing. The only app I’m aware of is a DAW such as Logic Pro X or Reaper however, a DAW will allow you to change the velocities of all the notes in a drum track or allow you to choose and change, say, just the toms’ or cymbals’ velocity.

Reaper is trialware and allows you to change velocities of all the MIDI notes in a drum or other instrument track.

thanks persist. I own Sonar and I can do it in that, but it’s so tedious! One drumbeat (say one of the factory blues for eg) has about 15 different short midi files, each one needing to be edited!

Not sure why programmer insist on creating drum midi files where 127 velocity seems to be a nirvana of some sort!

I appreciate you taking the time to reply…I’ll just have to do it the hard way. haha!

Sorry. I missed the intent of your question which was focused on multi-part songs and not the one-press variety. Yeah, it is a pain to have to export each part of a song, do the edits in a DAW and then add each MIDI part back to the BBM song. I think this is why some users would rather edit the drum kits instead.

To expand upon your thoughts just a little further, I wonder if there’s great enough user demand for a BBM utility where a user can batch the entire process:
[]Export to MIDI files all parts of a song
]Select the instruments to be edited across all of the exported MIDI parts
[]Edit the velocities for all the selected instruments
]Add edited parts back to their respective locations in the BBM song
It would even be better though if the BBM MIDI Editor were up to that task where a user had the option of selecting the drum instrument(s) across a range of parts within a song or a range of songs within a folder or a global change across all songs in all folders for say, toms, cymbals, etc and then editing velocities by percentage. Example reduce all crash cymbal velocities by 35%, increase all tambourine velocities and cowbell by 20%.

Wishful thinking, I know and for now, I’d settle for an updated BBM with bug and performance fixes as well as a few features such as autopilot. So far just crickets and vaporware :(.

Definitely 2nd the request for (any) batch processing of BB kits. As a user becomes more familiar with BB, and as the post states, becomes more aware of volume needs within a kit we often need to go back more than once to move volumes of a given instrument up and down. I’m constantly adjusting keyboards now too. Maybe even add batch panning to the request list. I found moving acoustic guitars L vs R off center via the mixer channels has improved clarity (relative to vocals occupying a similar sonic space) so panning may help with kits that produce more complex sound with added parts beyond drum and bass. We currently send BB signal in stereo to the PA/recording outs.

Yes totally agree to both - either one would be a brilliant addition and make the job oh so much easier!!
Re BBM, I see there was a survey for beat testers fro an updated version, perhaps something may be in that? Whenever (if??) it is ready.

Agree with this post as well, well written! I cannot see why it would not be possible, after all, it is only MIDI not audio we are talking about!

I can guess from a business perspective the ROI (return on investment) for an enhanced feature, free BBM utility upgrade is not high on the Singular Sound list of projects. I think Persist and others have commented on this topic. Although an enhanced BBM will solidify their position with the 10K+ users on this forum already, BB itself is still unique among all of us who use a live integrated drum machine, so no real competitive threat exists…yet. As a business they have the low cost option covered with the mini and PC-based drums are not widely used among pedal-oriented live players.

SS would be wise to make it clear to the 10K+ faithful these needs are being heard and acted on. The needs expressed here are quite real and SS risks losing an excellent well-built market share. We know how quickly technology progresses. I still have my beautiful wood-sided Oberheim DMX with its BelTel keys in the studio as a cherished museum piece. After all, the learning curve to adopt BB was not too steep nor was the price so someone will offer a well-crafted MIDI-based alternative.

We’ve spent more on the BeatBuddy Manager Software at this point than we have on the development of the BeatBuddy. It’s just that some mistakes were made… I won’t get into the specifics, but we’re doing everything on our end to address it. I personally am having my dev, Irving, work on what bug fixes he can, as well as the issues with the forum (We’re actually going to be having a call later today regarding the forum’s software).

So, it’s not that we don’t care, just that we had some issues scaling up, and are now having to deal with those and move past them. I hope you guys can understand, and bear with us as we bring the much needed improvements to the software (and forum!)

Thanks Anthony