Is this a glitch..?

I can’t use the percussion set on anything from the Latin folder…It loads up and looks like it’s working,but no sound comes out.What gives…?

Due to its specialized mapping, the Latin genre only works with the Latin drum set.

Also, how can I keep the headphone volume indicator screen from popping up intermittently…?

The immediate solution is to keep your side volume wheel at 100%. We have actually fixed this in a new firmware version we are developing. We are adding new features, so it is not yet complete - but it is stable and usable. If you want, I can PM you the necessary files and instructions to upgrade to the upcoming firmware version, in order to fix this bug. Just let me know.

Thank you …:slight_smile:

I am having the same issue with the “headphone volume” indicator - looking forward to the firmware upgrade.

Yup, same issue here as well…the 100% volume work around seems to do the trick. Is there a list of new features in the next firmware release?