Is this forum pushing BB in the right direction?

Hi guys, first of all, let me say that I really appreciate all of your feedback and ideas. It’s really inspiring to see the passion :slight_smile:

We do see the BeatBuddy as primarily a live performance tool which is why we plan to keep it in its original format. However, the one-press movement has not been lost on us and we will support it – in the new BB Manager software (coming soon - I promise!) you will be able to categorize and search for one-press songs.

We are also currently designing a MIDI Pedal controller that will give you 6 or 8 assignable buttons so you can go into any song part with a single press (no hold for transition) and single press stop, as well as allow you to adjust tempo and volume live! We hope to have this ready towards the end of the year (we’re aiming for the Christmas season – fingers crossed!).

I want you guys to know that we do pay attention to everything on this forum and we are constantly learning and taking notes on what is important to you. We have a long term vision for Singular Sound and it wouldn’t be possible without your feedback.

Very Exciting to hear what is coming. thanks for sharing

It seems to me, that if you really want to keep it simple AND you’re NOT. Pro, then OP is the way to go. Let’s you concentrate on playing and getting better on your instrument…rather than operfecting the BB tap dance routine.

Flexibility is the KEY word!

To me, one problem with OP for a soloist, or small group, is that I’ve heard several popular looper artists say that the audience wants to see you making the music. Imagine Ed Sheeran coming out and turning on a Karaoke machine and singing along. I’ve watched lots of YT vids of 4-5 man groups where they were busy enough, you barely noticed there wasn’t a real drummer. A soloist would be a different story, I think. The whole audience has phones they can listen to canned music on.

I really hoped against hope that this wouldn’t devolve into a Ford vs. Chevy, Mac vs. PC - type argument. Folks, it’s like gay marriage - if you don’t like it, don’t be in one. If you don’t like OP files, don’t use 'em. If you only want drums and bass, turn the keyboard part volumes down to zero in the drumkit editor. Can’t we all just get along?

I don’t think it has devolved into an argument - more just everyone saying what there preference is. At least that is how I took it. I always like to hear everyone’s opinion, even when they differ from mine :rolleyes:. It was a good topic, I think.

It has been a lively topic. There is no doubt about that. However, the tenor of some of the comments is such that it has caused my to rethink my enthusiasm and commitment to producing more OPB and OPBk resources. We’ll see how that goes.

But, in regard to “not totally live” music, I am reminded of two events in my life. I was living in Las Vegas, when canned music replaced live orchestras at major strip shows. Sure, the big singers still had live bands, but the spectacular/extravaganza shows all fired house bands, and created very good sounding midi tracks. Did the shows lose attendance because of this? I would say not. Siegfried and Roy continued to play to packed houses until Roy’s accident with the tiger. Cirque du Soleil uses canned tracks, etc.

In the late 90’s when computer based recording was still in its growing stages, I got my first rig, a rudimentary ProTools system that ran on Mac. It got me looking into midi, and I became very interested in midi guitar. Eventually, I came across the Roland GI-10, I believe it was, and a Yamaha MU-50 sound module. I wanted to learn more about midi, but the guys at my local store were inexperienced, and the nearest place where I knew of experienced staff was hundreds of miles away. (I was living in San Angelo, TX by then.) The local store knew of one musician locally who used midi equipment. They called him Midi Gene. They gave me his phone number and recommended I get in touch with him. So, I did. I met Midi Gene at his home, where he had a converted garage turned into his music room. He had 5, yes 5, 30 space rack units full of gear and they were all on wheels. He demo-ed it for me. The first track he played was Africa by Toto. It sounded like the real deal. I jammed with him for a bit, and he asked if I might consider playing out with him. I told him I was game. I asked what gear he took when he went out. He pointed at the 5 rack units. “They’re all on wheels. I have them labeled to what plugs in where,” he said. I said, “but doesn’t the crowd like say, geez that’s not really live, is it?” To that, I got an emphatic no. I also did not get invited back.

Would Ed Sheeran turn on a karaoke machine and sing along? Probably not. Would Ed Sheeran play a show where he fronted and sang, while playing guitar, if there were high quality backing tracks for bass, drums, strings, and brass behind him? I don’t know Ed personally, but depending upon how big the show was, I do know that many performers would not turn that opportunity down.

To those who have said there are other things for playing backing tracks. Well, maybe there are. Is there another unit for under $500 that will let me have a track with an intro section, a looping jam section, and then an outro section using prerecorded or pre-programmed files, allowing me to trigger my own sampled instruments from midi? Not that I know of. I don’t even know of one that would let me string more than 2 mp3’s together to get a similar effect, while being able to store and recall enough of said sets of songs for a whole show.

So, yeah, I am gonna keep using the Beat Buddy my way. And if, the forum has, heaven forbid, opened up a drums-only device to other uses, well then, so be it and hooray for us.

The topic has changed the way I look at the BB. It is a tool people use in very different ways. I think a lot of people appreciate the effort you put into opb and opbk songs. I don’t want to change anybody’s enthusiasm. Maybe people who don’t use op are little disappointed when a song they want is in op format. I don’t think there was as much negativity as you think there was.

A good historical perspective, Phil and something for those of us without as much experience to think about. Appreciate your contributions here.

point taken

To equate OPs with karaoke or canned backing tracks doesn’t make sense to me. I have put HUNDREDS of hours into editing and creating songs to be played the way I want them. And as far as the performance looking canned? I play rhythm and lead guitar, harmonica, and sing, without any charts or lyrics. All tucked away in my old brain. I would invite anyone who has not tried this, to give it a whirl. I have made a pretty good sounding LIVE, non-karajokey non DJ event affordable which gets me more work. Gear? over 10K of recently purchased quality stuff. JBL speakers and sub, Fender & martin guitars, fender and marshall amps, etc. I have played in a 4 piece band for 30+ years. Opened for AAron Tippin, Shenandoah, Paul Revere and the Raiders etc. Done lots of real musician type stuff. So I have a pretty good sense of what is copacetic and oppropriately falls under the title of real music. I could sit down and play every one of the songs without accompaniment or the BB. But I don’t have to.

With editing, you can adapt any song to your preferred format.

The MIDI pedal,controller sounds like a fantastic idea, it just needs to somehow to support MIDI thru, so you can still hook up a looper or an iPad app on the end of it too…or perhaps be MIDI Bluetooth LE?

I always feel a little guilty using the Beatbuddy live because I don’t normally like seeing someone play along with canned music especially if they are not playing any of the solo’s. That is why I like to keep it just drums and bass holding it down and I play everything else. That said playing with the Beatbuddy backing is lot more fun than without it.
I think looping is cool but as it it hard to change between chord progressions it gets old quick unless the player is a superstar and I really don’t have any interest in laying down loops.

Here is a bit of Keith Urban on Jimmy Kimmel coming out “and turning on the Karaoke Machine” or at least using drums and bass backing and he goes alright. Maybe Singular Sound should send him a Beatbuddy.


There is always a new abomination to what is thought to be pure music. Bob Dylan was nearly crucified when he went to an electric guitar. You could argue effects pedals, vocal processors or really anything that comes between your vocal cords, your strings and someones ears is pollution. how bout this?

I need a riser for my BeatBuddy.

Where do you put the SD card?

Great clip of Taylor with the original drum machine. The “can” does seem to work for him, you, Phil F, Bob Dylan, Keith Urban, and many others. You guys are definitely making me re-think my original position on it.

By the way, the only looper I own is a Digitech Solo. I chose it over a simpler one because it has 100 slots where I can plug in canned backing, so I guess I was never against that.

In the ukulele world where I usually live this guy is famous for going the other way. Way more talent than I’ve got.

Worked great for him.