Is This Love? OPBk (A) 2017-10-19 - Bob Marley and the Whailers

Designed for 2.0.4 or greater

NP Standard Bass Hammond kit

Package includes song file, lyric sheet, working file and midi map

Don’t forget to say thanks if you use the song…

Download Here


Hi, I would like to ask you a question,
How could I transport this song Is This Love (Bob Marley) to a tone below?
I’ve tried it with BB Manager, but it´s not possible.

Thanks for your reply.

To transpose the bass and keys one tone lower, you should use a DAW (digital audio workstation).

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Ok, thanks.

But I need a lot to understand all this.

I just made it with the Midi Editor program.

Hello, my friend. I downloaded the file. I extracted and tried to import the song into BBManager. But the song didn’t play properly. It is the first time that I try to carry out this process using OPBk. Is importing a song different from buying a song at the Singular Sound store? There is a MIDI file. Is it used in BB? Thank you so much for your time !!!

You don’t need the midi file. Do you have the appropriate drum kit installed? You need a custom kit with bass and keys instruments in the correct midi note ranges. If you use a standard kit you’ll only hear drums. Is that what you mean when it didn’t play properly?

Importing user-created songs from the forum requires that you also find and include (in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)) the drum set that the song was made with. For example, Is This Love was made with the NP Standard Bass Hammond kit (from GarryA). Unfortunately, that kit is no longer available from the forum; you can tag GarryA and ask him to make a download link to that kit available again.

Or, you can try downloading, unzipping, importing and activating Phil Flood’s 2082 Hammond with Bass 84+C1 drum set. This song is not a loop, it’s a one-press bass with keys and it should play all the way through once and then stop.

This song requires a double-tap to start playing. Why is that? Because GarryA (as well as some other user-created songs), have the entire song in the Outro which requires the double-tap.

As performed by Bob Marley, the recorded version is 3:56 long—about the same as the song GarryA posted.

I’m sorry if I broke any rules. I stayed up all night trying to understand how the files work. I am very grateful for your help and Phil’s. you are very generous people. the information changed my musical experience with Beat Buddy. Thank you!!!

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Friend, thanks! I did. Thank you very much for your time!

thank you