Issue making drum kits

sorry, new to forum apologies if this is wrong place or whatever. Im having issue making drumkits, I make the kit in the beat buddy manager,i sync them to my pedal, and they show up as a kit , but they play silence. im clearly doing something wrong

are you putting a check mark by the kit in BB manager/drum kits?

The first thing I’d recommend to check is the mapping of your song(s) in relation to the drumkit in question.

Within the BBManager, right click on the main loop of the song you tried playing and select ‘edit’ to open up the MIDI editor. Make sure also that the drumkit you created is the one selected from the dropdown menu when viewing the drum pattern.

Do you see any red text that says “not supported”? That would confirm the mapping issue.

If no red text appears, can you confirm that all the intended instruments appear on the left side bar there within the MIDI editor (the one that shows all instruments listed and their corresponding note numbers)?

If you get to this point in the process (no red text with correct drumkit selected), send a screenshot of what you see (including the drumkit on top that is selected).

Does the drum set have audio in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) but no audio from the pedal? If this is the case, check that your pedal setting is for Drum set > Enabled.

If none of the suggestions provided so far help, consult the pdf attachment from Phil_Flood in this thread Making a Drumkit - Experiences