Issue with bass end-note-clicks

After a desperately attempt with LPX an BB as well as searching the forum I finally decided to post a question… I try to generate a BB song with bass for the first time by myself.

Usually I edit a song for my band with Logic X Pro using the midi in from my Roland or Arturia to play the drums and the midi out to hear the sound from BB directly. There has never been a problem (apart from a slight difference in the length of the triggered samples).

Now for the first time I made a song with those bass drumsets (NP Ludwig Bass, NP Brushes with Bass, Rock with Bass NP). I experienced a soft clicking noise on every bass note, when it stops (after I release the key). Unfortunately BB generates exactly the same clicks when I processed the midi file from LPX to BBM to BB. This is something I never heard in any of the songs with bass you can download in the forum. Or didn’t I simply recognize this?

I use the newest versions of drumset (NP), BBM, BB firmware 3.8.0, Logic X 10.6.1 on a up-to-date MBP. I even experimented with choke groups (0,2), polyphony 1,2 or infinite and the note-off-settings in BB itself.
Don’t know what else to try.

I uploaded a demo of the song I’ve recently been working on (Watermelon Man, Herbie Hancock in the style of Studio Jams).

Demo of WatermelonMan Rock+Bass

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions!