Issue with longer wavs on accent trigger

So this is a bit of a specific use case, and definitely not what accents were designed for, but…

I am doing a looper based version of Thriller. I wanted to be able to trigger the audio of the Vincent Price monologue with accent hits. Due to file size limitations on accent hits, I had to divide the 8 line monologue up into 4 separate 2 line wavs. I then created 4 new parts on my song and added the wavs to them as Accent Hits. My goal was to be able to cycle through the parts as each “accent hit” finished and then trigger the next segment.

However…very frequently it acts very strangely. It’ll play the first 3/4 of the proper wav, and then it’ll somehow switch and do the last 1/4 of the next one instead of finishing the one that it started on. Sometimes it’s just the last word or two that will be from a different wav. Any ideas on why that’s happening and if there’s a workaround? I’ve attached the wav files I’m using if anyone wants to try to reproduce it.

Thriller (10.5 MB)

I could not get your wav files to work on the Thriller version I was working on so I ran the files through NCH Switch to convert (and correct) the files to a format that works. I have not tested all in depth but in my limited testing, they worked. You can try these and let us know if it’s an improvement or not.
Edited wav (10.5 MB)

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