Issue with whole-song midi's, firmware 1.85, and the beta BBManager 1.60

I bought a full midi file for a worship song from a (I hope) legit website. I trimmed off all but channel 10 and the midi by itself plays great through the BBManager and the BeatBuilder. The whole-song midi file is greater than 500 notes so I used BBManager 1.60 to build a song using the whole-song midi as the only main loop. The song has no fills, transitions, outro or accents. I experiment with and without intros (see next para).

The problem comes when I load the whole-song midi into a song with either an intro or I use the global count-in intro and try to play it as a whole song on the BBManager and the BB. The BB and the BBManager skip the first measure so I end up a measure short from the very beginning of the song. I tried playing around with the intro but that didn’t help. I finally got the song to play properly by adding an extra full measure at the front of the whole-song midi.

Is this the way the new 500+ note midi files are supposed to work or is the error ‘between the keyboard and the screen’ as they say?

FWIW, the reason I did the above with this particular song is because it has a couple of short measures in it - specifically it’s a 4/4 song with two 3/4 measures in it. The whole-song midi is OK with this because it’s just a bunch of notes. I couldn’t do this with either BeatBuilder or the new midi editor in BBManager because they don’t have any features to deal with short measures. I tried building short fills and transitions then putting them in songs but the BB wouldn’t play them short - it would add the missing beats back in or play just enough of the short fills to end the normal measure.

For those who are curious, the song is Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin.