Issues with Beat Buddy shutting power down after playing a beat for more than 2.5 hours!

Hey there guys!
I just got my Beat buddy on Friday (April 17, 2015). I have been using it for practicing rhythms and lead runs, but if the unit is playing a beat for more than 2.5 hours (as is the case when I’m practicing) the pedal shuts the power down and reboots right in mid-song. This has happened to me 4 times now, and I am using the exact adapter that came with the unit (9V 500mA). This is more than a little irritating because this is a basic thing…to power the unit and keep it powered. I havent tried any of the more advanced features of this unit, and this issue certainly gives me no confidence that using other features wont be glitch free!
Has anyone else experienced any problems like this???

@Michael Burton, I’ve just arrived from Frankfurt Musikmesse where the BeatBuddy was used in a show for 9 hours straight (9am - 6pm) for several consecutive days. I’ve only noticed issue with power only once, but the pedal was pushed with an excessive force, making it to jump into the air so power plug went slightly off shortly.
Are you sure this was not the case with your BeatBuddy pedal as well?

Nothing like that happened with mine. I have it placed on a pedal board in my jam room. No excessive force was used on it. It is just used to keep a beat while I practice scales, arpeggios, sequences, etc. I just turn it on and adjust the tempo. But what I’m saying is, if the pedal is left alone to play a continuous beat without stopping for over 2.5 hours, my pedal shuts off and reboots again. It has happened like clock-work four times in a row now. I wonder has anyone else practiced a beat this long with it and had this occur! Doesn’t seem right to me.[ATTACH=full]946[/ATTACH]

I would get a headache and bored of listening to the same beat for 2.5 hours so have never experienced this myself. Does your BB get quite hot after time?

I’ve actually seen this issue came up several times on the forums already. The symptoms look very like there is a memory leak in the firmware.

I’ll pass this up for investigation. By the way, @Michael Burton, if you happen to remember the exact song name you were using for 2.5 hours straight before BeatBuddy power cycled for you, it would be great for faster problem identifying and solving.

Thanks for your time testing the BeatBuddy and your feedback to make it better!

I have been using Rock Drum Beat #1.
It doesn’t feel really hot at all. But I’ve been using a metronome for a long time to practice with. It can be going for hours and hours. I figured I get the BB to get more of a groove going with my practice. Yes it can be boring at times, but that’s practicing scales for ya! …and for the record, my good ol metronome never shuts itself off on its own.
I have an issue with my right optional foot switch button not working either. I think its a bad stereo cable that came with the unit. I am shocked that I have emailed both General Inquiries and Dealer Inquiries on Friday morning and still haven’t got a response back from them yet. Plus, there is no phone number to call either. This forum is the only contact I have had so far. I am really just thinking about sending the unit back for a refund and getting a basic drum machine for my practicing, or at the very least, going back to using my metronome.

I also had problems with my BB optional foot switch because the cable was simply slipping out so easily due to the fact that the connector on the BB optional foot switch are very loose (Same with BB itself) and doesn’t grab the cable connectors tight enough.

All sorts of strange things was happening with the BB until I found out that the culprit was the BB optional foot switch connector.

I returned the BB optional foot switch and got a DIGITECH FS 3X instead.

wow. ok. the foot switch connector. I had something super weird happen a week ago…i and i swear i thought the same thing…that the issue is the foot switch connector . Thanks!

Well the BB connectors aren’t exactly Neutrik/Switchcraft quality, thats for sure.
But then again I am only using my BB in my home studio and it is not a big problem if it happens, but I wouldnt dare using it on stage.

Unfortunately it’s not a simple task if you wanted to replace the connectors to something better as they are soldered directly to the main board in the BB.

my issue was …I got to a gig…turned it on…and it went NUTS. Completely I-Robot. Im not kidding. It started scrolling on its own…would not stop. I tried pushing the “back” button…to get to a different kit…brushes i think…and it basically was not having it…i swear i should have pulled out a vid cam…no one would have believed it…so…I turned it off…and it came back to normal. BIZARREEEEE

Sounds just like mine before I found out that the external BB pedal connectors were slipping out due to that they was so loose.
It was as it was activating the buttons by it’s own.

Try this:

Unplug the external BB pedal as it is playing and see what happens.


I noticed that all of the jacks on the Beat Buddy are quite loose as well. Not a major problem since I have it mounted on the pedalboard but the main left input jack does lose connection now and then but just a little wiggle fixes it. They (the company) need to look into changing their design or finding a way to correct this at the factory. Other brand names with these same types of jacks have the same problem.
I can fix this with a little “Tweaking” with a pair of needle nose pliers but not until the warrantee runs out. Ha-Ha. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

YES!!! Same time every time… Annoying :confused:

I have an issue with the loose input jacks as well. I’ve sent a message to customer service and they are following up.

I have an issue with the loose input jacks as well. I’ve sent a message to customer service and they are following up.