Issues with custom mode programming in iPad and Android apps

Hello all, have been having perplexing problems with both the iPad and Android apps. Here’s my test setup:

  • iPad in use is a 1 year old up to date iPad Pro. The MM iPad app was downloaded and installed today.
  • Android device is an up to date Galaxy Note 8. The MM Android app was downloaded and installed today.
  • Both devices can connect and upgrade the MM
  • The MM appears to work properly with my Aeros and BeatBuddy
  • Before testing each app, the firmware and defaults were upgraded successfully with the app being tested

Issues with the iPad app:

  • When selected, the Configure Expression Pedal selection just blinks and does nothing. The MM has an expression pedal plugged in and calibrated.
  • In My Commands/+/Editing Command, the Type is fixed at Control Change (CC) and cannot be changed.

Android app:

  • There is no Configure Expression Pedal selection available.
  • In My Commands/+/Editing Command, the Types can be changed as expected.

I am not sure what is going on here, is the newest iPad app indeed that buggy? It’s basically useless for Custom mode programming. The Android app does have most of the functionality, but I very much need the expression pedal for my use (it’s availability is implied in the iPad app).

Please help, thanks.

Yes, the iOS app is still that buggy and hasn’t been updated since it’s initial release. Customers have been waiting forever for a working iOS app and have been told over and over again that the developer is very busy working on a new version that was supposed to be just around the corner. I haven’t seen any proof of anything happening and do not expect to be told the truth anymore. Empty promises and vague excuses with no real consequences whatsoever. I doubt they even have an iOS developer at this point. Can’t say anything about Android but it seems to be more functional than iOS from what I’ve heard. Good luck!