Issues with drum set mappings

I have the following issue:
When importing midi files from my MIDI editor (Studio One 2) to the BB manager the midi notes appear changed (or transposed if you will).
It seems that the midi mapping in the BB Manager is wrong or not working as supposed.
I’m using General Midi Drums in my MIDI Editor and the Standard Kit in the BB Manager.
Does anyone have the same problem here? any suggestion?..

The BeatBuddy only uses a subset of the general midi drum mapping, check that you only have supported notes in your midi file. Check out the thread below -

Look for posts by @Groove Monkee as they created a ‘pitch list’ for the BeatBuddy which is what a drum map is called in Studio One.

I also did some drum editing tutorials that mention the drum mapping and ways round it.

One thing to check is the snare, and kick, as the general midi has two of each, and the bb only uses one of each. I’ve seen midis that use both, for different parts of the song!