It Don't Come Easy OPBk re-up - Ringo Starr

I created this new version, as the version previously posted would not match up with Ringo’s version of the song. I suspect that the version was taken from the attached source midi which has been sequenced incorrectly. Aside from the frankly awful quitar part in the source midi, the rest of the accompaniment is pretty nice.

The correct sequence is:

Guitar 4 bar intro, 2x;

It don’t come easy sung over 4 bar intro, 2x;

Verse 1; Verse 2;

8 bar jam over verse chords, G Am C D, 1 bar each,

Verse 3; Verse 4 - a partial verse that does not have the F,G, F, A sequence at the end;

and an outro mimicking the intro.

This is the sequence on Ringo’s record, and was also the sequence played at the Concert for Bangladesh.

I experimented with the Stax kits, thinking the piano kit would sound good, but the Harpsichord kit sounded better.

Uses STAX Harpisichord 4 part.

Package includes: .sng, midi opbk, source midi, chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

Download Here

Thank you Phil

Thanks, AndyRay. Wow, this brings back memories. It was like we started a contest after I posted this. I threatened to do a bagpipe version.