it is right for me

I’m studying guitar for almost two years now. I am an adult and although I go to classes, I advance in my step. I was thinking if the Beatbuddy will be suitable to study or too difficult to handle. Can you put a card for many rhythms or alternate two cards? One with what has the pedal and another with other things in the forum. I still use simple rhythms but I see more for the future also the big Beatbuddy than the mini. I’m from Spain, my English is bad. Sorry.

Your English is very good. Thanks for posting ¡en inglés! as it makes easier for forum users to help you.

The BeatBuddy is hard for some users until they get familiar with it. Then it’s much easier.

You can use 2 cards but each card has enough room to hold quite a bit and especially since the BeatBuddy uses folders to organize content. This way you do not have to switch and manage projects within the BeatBuddy Manager.

If you have not done so yet, download, install and try the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to see if it’s right for you.

Now I am using my Android tablet. I will download it to the Windows 10 PC and I will see it. Today I spoke with my teacher that the most important thing in music is the rhythm and that the drum bases help. Thank you very much for answering. More than just handling the pedal, I’m afraid of having little knowledge of guitar to use a pedal as professional as Beatbuddy.

Please, post in English. Thank you.

A translation error, sorry, is fixed.

make sure you have watched the videos about the Beat Buddy on Youtube to verify it will be easy enough for you to use.The standard beats that came with the pedal are fine for most and if you wanted to have specific songs you could find those in the resources area as well (Free or paid).

You dont have to spend time to make your own beats and its not required. that is the hardest and most difficult for most beginners to figure out and its not needed for most basic users. only the pros and advanced amateurs and performing stage musicians usually make their own songs/beats.

take it in steps and get more advanced as you get better and learn more each day but you can start to use it on day 1 out of the box with no issues just a basic setup

Thanks for correcting your post.

The only thought I can offer is that as a guitar student you will have to be comfortable with the timing and pressing of the BeatBuddy pedal to advance between song parts (Intro, Main, Transitions, Fills, Accent Hits & Outros).

There are one-press songs that might make the process of adapting to the pedal easier.

As you try the BeatBuddy Manager this weekend you will also have to download the default content update as it contains the beats and the drum sets. Once you download and unzip this file use the BBM File > Open Project and navigate to the folder you just unzipped.

I am looking for a good review in Spanish on a web page or forum and I have only found a small video on YouTube. The manual has been downloaded in English and then translated into a website and it has been horrible. :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

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Big things that the BB has brought to my guitar journey are
A) its foot operated - this is pretty obvious, but the practicle benefits are worth the investment alone.
B) the visual metronome - so simple but so effective in improving ones timing.
C) This forum and the resources on offer.

I agree with all those Carl. Enjoy. Never stop playing and learning and mostly HAVING FUN!