Its 2/08/21 as of today can the MM do the following?

Been reading through the post here and still not clear on what the MM can do as of today, not what it is capable of doing with further developments, future updates, new firmware, when a new programer gets hired etc. I own a Beat Buddy and a Aeros and i get what the MM can do for those. My specific immediate need is for a midi pedal that can send program change messages to a number of different manufactures guitar pedals simultaneously on different channels. So lets say i want to be able to call up a song on the Aeros and its drum song parts on the Beat buddy AND simultaneously be able to send program change messages to 5 different midi guitar pedals on 5 different midi channels can the MM do that right now? Can that be setup in the ios app as of today. So again, if i want to call up a Aeros song, beat buddy song and send different program/preset change message to several pedals all which have standard 5 pin midi inputs and are compliant to accept standard midi Program change messages can this happen now and if so other than midi cables is any additional hardware needed other than the MM and standard midi 5 pin cables to be daisy chained from the mm to each pedal? Im about to purchase a morningstar MK II for this purpose but would like the added features of what the MM can do for the Aeros and BB IF it can also send the Program change message as i described above. Thanks!

MM can do this yes

MM could do it, one thing here is Aeros does not currently have MIDI song selection so for that reason it would not work in this way. You could, however start a new song via MIDI.

You would need a MIDI Sync Breakout Cable to connect the MIDI cables to the BeatBuddy. This acts as both he MIDI In and Out female ports on the BeatBuddy

All of this can be done with the MM app, the current live version of the iOS is lagging behind a bit but is rather functional on the Android (minus some bugs with default mode templates). I just got the beta this afternoon for an iOS fix so that should be ready soon given all is well in testing! So iOS being up to par with Android is imminent.

We are also working on a total redesign of both apps that is well underway that will vastly improve the app’s capabilities and makes custom mode creation much more versatile. That is probably a few months from being ready, but we are starting to apply code to the design we have mocked so progress is happening!

Let me know if you have more questions

Please do tell me if you are primarily an Android or iOS user, thanks!

Thanks for your response.
I have the breakout cable already which i use with the aeros and BB to Start/Stop my windows DAW. I follow you on the Aeros song call up point. The pedals i have that Im interested in being able to send program (specifically just preset) change messages via standard midi 5 pin daisy chain cabling are two Eventide H9’s, GFI system Specular Tempus, Strymon Time Line, Source Audio Collider and a Walrus Audio Mako Series R1. All of these pedals have standard 5 pin midi inputs.All of them except the Tempus have a midi thu port in addition to midi input. I realize and would not expect that you would be aware of compatibility with every single midi capable pedal out there but pertaining to these specific pedals are you aware of any compatibility issues with the MM?

Btw, im a ios device user, specifically ipad 4th generation and iphone pro max both running ios 14.4

I think MM will work for your scenario, it depends on how you actually use your pedals. Instead of having 5 different channels, you could put them on the same channel and the PC would change all the presets at the same time, which would make it easier to manage, but less flexible.

There are no compatibility issues, we just have to get the iOS app to a better working point and then also revamp it. With a solid app, MM is the dream we know it to be here at Singular.