It's a Start

I finally got around to recording another original song (after a hiatus of about 8 months). The BeatBuddy, Martin rhythm and Strat rhythm tracks were recorded using a TASCAM DP-006 Pocketstudio, then imported into Adobe Audition 3.0 for mixing. The doubled Strat rhythm and Strat lead tracks were recorded using a Fender Mustang III’s USB interface into Adobe Audition. The video is simply a Fraps screen capture of the session files being played back in Adobe Audition. Yeah, it’s the lazy man’s music video.

BeatBuddy settings: Pop 3- 16ths, Rock Drum Set, 123 BPM
I applied Audition’s “drum spreader” mastering preset to the BeatBuddy track.

The song features a 2011 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster on rhythm and lead, a 2012 Martin DC Aura on rhythm (hard-panned to the left) and a 2012 Rickenbacker model 4003 bass. I hadn’t touched the Ric in about 8 months, so give me some slack if the bass isn’t as tight as it should be.

©2018 Solid Body Publishing / ASCAP

Always good to hear your creations, Joe. Thanks for sharing some insights as to your process as well.