It's been very quiet here the last few days...

Where is everyone?

I’ve actually made progress with the Mac Beta and downloading songs by others and putting the songs in various new folders and moving them to my BB. Next up is copying and renaming “songs” from the lists here and putting those in my folder and then my BB. Going to try it at my gig Friday.

Pleased you are finally getting to grips with the software and I assume it is quiet because everyone is happy and getting to grips with the BB or maybe just too busy.

Got the mac software up and running over the weekend. Got a few songs downloaded and imported. Need to get an SD reader today or tomorrow and see if I can get firmware updated and some new songs moved over to the pedal. Thanks for all of the help on this forum.

That’s my case. I’ve about 11-12 songs modified and in a setlist I’ll be rehearsing with my playing partner tomorrow night. Have been practicing to get the breaks and transitions committed to memory. Now issues thus far.

Could you please help the rest of us with having new folders show up with created songs step by step in the Mac Beta,I just don’t get the flow.Thanks

Organize > New folder.
A new folder (bummer?) should appear in the bottom of the directory tree.
You should then be able to drag it to any other position in a tree that you wish.

I’m not sure if you saw the tutorials - but it really makes the work flow clear. Do I think it’s necessarily the easiest, most logical work flow? Not really. But it’s not brutal and perfectly workable once you see the procedure once or twice.

There are two that are crucial. If you miss the ‘export/import’ procedure? You’ll founder on your own.

Tutorial links:

(yes - it’s for Win7, but it pretty much applies to Mac as well) This is where you import all the necessary midi files and drumkits that you’ll need to work with. Think of this as ‘loading your toolbox’.

This is where you really learn to navigate through the folders; export/import basic songs and rhythms; and get creative in thinking of ways to amend and adapt the ‘canned’ songs to suit your requirements in specific songs. You can pull different rhythms and sounds from various sources to create ‘songs’ that you can work with - but you’ll have to grasp the notion of looping sequences and the concept of butting and splicing ‘split’ regions of Garageband and Cubase (and others) together to create a cohesive song start-to-finish.

If you’re not comfy with Garageband or Cubase or similar softwares…it’d be a really good idea to do so. The workflow and ‘look’ of the software is similar. Not entirely identical, but close enough that a reasonably good comfort level in them will transfer nicely to BBMgr.