It's So Easy (DOP, OPB in E) 2017-12-08 - Linda Ronstadt (by Buddy Holly)

I made a couple very minor tweaks to Persist’s version.

  1. I have the visual metronome lining up as it should.
  2. I made cheat to match what is in the .sng file.
  3. I moved the bass to the 0-31 range, so it works with most of my kits.
  4. I created a DOP version, for those who want no bass.

    Other than that, this is the same as the version Persist posted (which we cannot access right now.)

    I am using NP E-Piano and 4001 Bass, because I liked that bass. But, with the bass now at 0 through 31, feel free to try alternate kits. Even the STAX kits should work, as there is no percussion mapped above B2.

    Package includes .2 sng files and corresponding midi parts, separate midi bass parts in case you want to edit, and chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf… The"bass hi" is the bass part mapped as Persist had it. The “bass lo” is the bass mapped in the 0-31 range.

Download Here