I've Got A Mind to Give Up Living re-up - Blues - Peter Green, aka All Over Again, and All Over Now

I don’t need a referral to the suicide hotline, but thanks for thinking about me.

Uses NP P-Bass and Hammond 2.

Includes: .sng, chord lyrics, and midi files

I first heard this as a Paul Butterfield song, a tour de force for one Mike Bloomfield. I thought that was amazing. Then I heard B.B. do it, and no one does vocals better than B.B. I was gonna use that version. But then I did a search, and found this Peter Green version - same lyrics, much different chord progression. As much as I love the B.B. version, its a 1, 4, 5 minor blues. This mixes things up a bit, and its still fun to play and sing.

Download Here