This tune has been posted a few times … alays incorret becuase all of the midis for it just suck for many reasons

  1. There are no handclaps on the recording
  2. Ringo uses a very muted bass drum … but depending on which mix you listen to, it may be missing entirely
  3. There is no tambourine … dont know what it is, but I used a cabasa because it sounds similar
  4. Most importantly, the beat is rockabilly … at that time, the boys were heavily influenced by rockabilly

    SO, I used Phil Flood’s HAMMOND kit, because it provides a very good acoustic brush snare at midi 40 … made appropriate changes into an existing midi and changed the timing for the intro bass which is under the great finger picking guitar work (so the BB will handle timing ok).

    ZIP includes everything … make sure that you check your hammond kit to make sure it has midi 40 (some of the versions out there do not) … if you need it, I included the wav for it.

Download Here