Jackson Browne - Running on Empty

Did a search and found this file. Unfortunately its not able to download. Anyone got it? DOP or DOPB.

Conversation started.

You can find the song in Phil (not-Flood) post. He re-upped his songs alphabetically in folders.

[[0]=3727&c[rescat]=1’]http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?search/13072988/&q=my folder&t=resource_update&o=date&c[user][0]=3727&c[rescat]=1]('http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?search/13072988/&q=my+folder&t=resource_update&o=date&c[user)

and the folder you would be looking for is http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/my-folder.2505/

I downloaded the PBF but couldn’t get it into the BeatBuddy. I tried to import folder but that didn’t work. Is there a trick to this file? Every other PBF I’ve got has gone in no problem.

It works. Sometimes the download doesn’t complete or gets corrupt during the process. Make sure the Q-S.pbf is ~777Kb—if not, re-download. Ensure you’re using BBM version ≥1.6.4

BBM > File > Import > Folder (and navigate to where you downloaded the file)