Jamman Solo XT and Beat Buddy Demo

A description and demo of my pedal board setup showing the Beat Buddy working with a Jamman Solo XT loop pedal.

I’m running the 1.79 beta firmware in the beat buddy.

I have the SyncMan to sync my JammanXT with BB.
What stuff you use to sync?

My understanding of SyncMan is that it works by taking an external sync signal such as Midi sync and creating a JamSync signal that can be used as INPUT to the Jamman. So unless I have it wrong, this means that he Jamman HAS to be the SLAVE device with something else, E.G. the BB, providing the sync signals.
So you probably set the tempo in the BB and that sets the tempo in the Jamman.

I wanted to use the Jamman as the master, not so much for timing (which as I described in the video, I found I did not need, at least for my simple setup so basically I am NOT doing any sync but it still stays in time) but to control the tempo of the BB and also the stop function so that I could get everything to stop in time without having to do a dance on my pedal board.
So in my case I am taking a feed from the JamSync OUT and making that control the Beat Buddy tempo and playback stop.
I have a couple of songs where pre recorded parts on the Jamman are at different tempos within the same song. As I switch between them while playing, the Jamman (and my box) automatically sets the correct tempo in the BB to match it.

For free looping I have the Jamman tracks set up to the same # of BPM so track 60 is 60 bpm, track 65 is 65 bpm etc. All I need to do is pull up that track and it sets the BB to the same tempo. This helps me because for those tracks at least the track number equals the tempo and the LED display is a lot easier for my old eyes to see! But it also works for pre recorded tracks that I have on the SD card where the track number does NOT correspond to anything really.
I could quite easily include an LED display on my box to display the tempo as well so that it would display in BIG easily seen numbers that even I could see, regardless of the source of the tempo (free loop track or pre recorded on my SD card).

The box I am using to make this happen is all home grown. A Bit of soldering, a bit of software and away you go (I won’t mention the two weeks of late nights figuring it all out LOL) !

Wow, looks good…! I have similar setup and have been looking for a way to control the BB with the Solo XT…

what’s in the magic box E…?

Dave E


Also, the song reminded me of the Doors, circa 70’s.

Hello there. Could you send us the circuit diagram of what’s in the box that allows you to transfer the Jamman’s tempo to the beat buddy?

The circuit is just an Ardiuno Uno with a midi interface and a guitar foot switch hooked up to one of the input pins so I can reset it if need be. The magic is in the software which I am unable to share. However I can say that all the information you need is out there on the web.