Jamman Stereo with BB sync solution?

I have read a few posts and see that people are having trouble syncing the Stereo Jamman to the BB. I have the same two pedals.
Is there a way I can use one button on a foot controller to Stop the BB and also stop the Jamman. I would have to split the signal I imagine.
If I could do this, then couldn’t I use the autosensor on the Jamman Stereo to start recording the loop when I click the BB direct to start, then later stop the BB and end the loop with one foot click?
Then syncing is not so much an issue, correct? (just my timing on the end of loop)

Hmmmm, in theory I guess you could use a splitter, not sure where you’ll find that for TRS and if it would cause any anomalies. I’d suggest using MIDI and a MIDI controller. This will help you control both devices.