Jane... Jefferson Starship

Always loved this song. Had to put it in the set.


Is that a Beat Buddy on drums? Or are you playing to a track?

All Beatbuddy except for guitar and vocal.

VERY cool! Piano and keys, too?

There’s kind of a trick to different instruments. Keys for instance you need to make sure that you were having enough sustained so it doesn’t sound choppy. Strings are kind of the same way. You just need to overlap them just a little bit on the editor grid.

Rocked it out! One of the last great Starship songs. A little compression would have worked nicely on the solo IMHO. Nice work and thanks 4 posting it!

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My lead playing sucks. :face_vomiting::shushing_face: I get by on most days. Always loved this song.

Nice job, great song. You have some Vince Gill sound in your voice…

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I played Jane live over your track, and hardly any difference. You did it almost perfectly.

I get lucky now and again. Thanks!