Janes addiction summertime rolls

Hello. If someone has created (or wants to) a Beatbuddy drum only download for Summertime Rolls by Janes Addiction, I’d happily pay for it.

Can’t find a MIDI source file for this song.

If you come across the MIDI from a commercial source, provide it to me in a DM and I’ll work it up for free.

Thanks. I’ll take a look and get back to you. Did you happen to see the request for Come Dancin by The Kinks?

Don’t recall seeing the Kinks request but I found a MIDI source file for the Kinks’ song just now. I’ll work that up in the one-press versions.

Yeah, there’s no midi files for it that I can find either. Seems I would need to pay someone to do so. If that’s an option with you, or you would be willing to just create a bestbuddy file from scratch I would pay in advance.

I’ll see what I can do for Summertime Rolls. No promises though

I’ll work on Come Dancing.

Awesome. Understood. Just please let me know an amount before you commit.

Regarding summertime rolls, I have been looking in the 5er community but have yet to get a response. Just a heads-up. You have dibs still but let me know if you’d rather I went that direction.

Appreciate having dibs. I’ll hang in there until we see what you come up with. I asked my group and they have not answered yet either. That usually means they don’t have it.

Good enough. I shall go ahead with Fiverr for summertime rolls then. Thanks much. Is come dancin still doable for you?

Dancin’ is in the work queue and should have it finished later this week.

Right on! Btw it just occured to me that when I get the midi file for summertime rolls (soonish) that it will still need to be beatbuddified. If you’re interested I’m happy to get it to you for such and to compensate for your time.

I’m interested. Just use the forum DM to message me with the MIDI source file and I’ll work it up. No charge—I’m feeling Christmassy! :grinning:

Huzzah! As soon as it’s delivered, I’ll do it. Thanks.

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Thanks for come dancin’ ! Looking forward to messing with it. When you can, would you be so kind as to listen to The Mule (studio version off of Fireball) by Deep Purple and tell me if you think the hypnotic magic of the drums would get lost in translation? I did find a midi source file for the song but am loathe to buy it if ain’t gonna come across.

I’ll try to give it a listen over the weekend.

If you dig rock and have yet to hear this song, I hope it has the same effect on you as it did me, the first time. Especially from a drum standpoint. Thanks again.

I’ve listened to The Mule on Youtube (thought I still had the vinyl but no longer do).

The “hypnotic magic” of the drums that you refer to may be almost impossible to recreate in a MIDI source file. Even if the sequencer captures the playing note-for-note, it is always the sequencer’s ear and interpretation of the song.

That’s not to say that a pro sequencer can’t come close, it just won’t be perfect and it will be lacking that hypnotic magic you’re looking for.

I have a couple of MIDI source files for The Mule that I’ll dig into but it won’t be until later this month.

I had a feeling… Thanks. I’ll be curious to see if you have any luck.

Luis Lugo does all mine he’s excellent! He uses Facebook messenger if you search him