Jazz Standards any way to dampen down volume for Drum Fills

Hi Every One,

I’m getting Jazz Standard swing sets together and I’m playing keyboards with Upright bass split.
Left hand is my bass player right hand is comping chords and solos (filled out with chords and thirds)
like flying a helicopter but fun.

Works great with Beat Buddy but the fills are so loud upset the mood of slower ballad songs.

Could only Jazz drum patterns be globally altered on midi drum map?

If yes the memory card for Same beat buddy will be used for One shot bass with
guitar for pop and rock.

If answer no, is that just a different memory card for Jazz (fills very quiet) and other for Pop rock
(fills back to normal levels).

Any help appreciated for the great beat buddy.


Let me make sure I understand the question. In your present set up, you like the jazz fills, but they are just too loud. Is that correct? And, if so, your question is can you adjust just the jazz fills and use the same SD card that you currently use. Also correct?

Hi Pill,

Yes thats correct for :

[1] Yes I like the jazz fills, but they are just too loud.

[2] Can I adjust just the jazz fills and use the same SD card that you currently use.


Ok. Great! The way to do this is to open the fills in a DAW and then bring the velocity down on all the notes. BB gets its volume from the drum kit, but the kits do respond to lowered velocity. You would open the fill in a DAW, lower the velocity, save that midi file, and then use it to replace the fill currently in the BB .sng in BB manager. You would need to do that for each fill and, of course, try them out to get them to your liking.

As for the second question, if you do what I suggest in the first part, you would just continue using your current card. Only the jazz fills would be changed from your present situation.

And just to be clear for everybody, after you alter the jazz fills in the .sng, you need to save the project, and then export or sync to the SD card. This will overwrite the original jazz fills. Should you decide you want the originals back, you can always download the original content from Singular and replace the altered .sng files.

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Hi Phil,

Thank you thats great guidence advice from a true Jedi Beat Buddy master.


would Audacity work as a DAW? that is open the fills in Audacity, adjust the velocity on all the notes and then save the midi file?

Certainly. Audacity can do the job.

from what source are “you opening the fill”? (sorry, really new to this) Would this be the .sng file from BBM? Would you drag and drop the file from BBM to your DAW? (in my case Audacity).


  1. You can download the midi files from the BB stock content at the above link.

  2. For songs not in the stock content, you can download a midi file by right clicking on the song part in BBM, and selecting Export Midi file.

hello AndyRay,
Just wondering if you were able to adjust the fills in the jazz kit and how it worked out? How are your jazz gigs sounding with the adjusted fills? I am solo guitarist who would like to do the same with the jazz kit on the BB. - thanks!