Jazz Standards w Bass Lines

Her’s a link to some songs I gig w. Some jazz and other beats I created w Bass added. I have ALOT more but wanna see how these go over.
For the standards. Usually the first “beat” is a 4 bar vamp, then followed by the full head in beat 2, then some changes in the fills for some of them. If you can use the manager you’ll see how they are laid out. It’s just a functional set up for me as I play these live one man band style.

Ain’t No Sunshine
Autumn Leaves
Blue Bossa
Girl From Ipanema
Morning Dance
Oye Como Va
Quando Quando Quando
Saint Thomas
Samba de Orpheo
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay


Thank you very much! Which drumkit did you use?

A lot use of them use Rock w Bass

Nice tunes. I am just learning BB so am not ready to take advantage of these yet. Do I need something for the bass I don’t have in the standard BB.