Jimi Hendrix "Hey Joe" cover, with 10 and 11 kids using beatbuddy

Ok, here comes our end of summer jam…The girls really dig Jimi Hendrix stuff now, and ofc, BEATBUDDY made this possible…credit goes to the gentleman who was so kind to share the “Hey Joe” sng file. We really appreciate it. Hope you will like the video. Cheers!

P.S.> They wouldn’t sing this song I had no choice. But I hope you will pay more attention to the guitar and bass playing.


Always entertaining to hear how good the band sounds—especially for the girls’ age. Thanks for sharing.

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Sounds great!

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Awesome. Makes my heart glad to hear kids playing this stuff. Looks like your lead guitar player is developing a great vibrato – the correct style of using the wrist (turning the door knob). I also love the badass face the bassist has. Rock On!

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Thank you and am glad you like the cover. The two girls are not willing to sing as the lyrics are PG rated so i had to do the singing… ;p Cheers!