Joe's Cello Prelude

In my trIal-and-error experimentation with analog synths, I stumbled upon a magic setting on an EHX Oceans 12 Dual Stereo Reverb pedal that pretty faithfully recreates the sound of a cello (use “DYNA” reverb, turn FX LVL all the way up and the other 3 white knobs off or nearly off). Obviously, the synth modules have to tweaked “just so”, as well.

Anyway, I finally got around to writing a song that made use of the cello sound. For the drums, I used the BeatBuddy’s Ballad 8 song from the Ballad-mini folder. Stock settings. The synth modules are a Moog Mavis and a Moog Spectravox (both going into the EHX pedal). I used the NiftyKEYZ keyboard’s CV and Gate signals split to control both modules and carefully tuned the Spectravox’s VCO to be in tune with the Mavis. The Spectravox was also used on the Strat track on the left channel. The right channel had the Strat’s unprocessed signal. You can tell I’m not a trained keyboard player, but I usually find the notes using a hunt-and-peck method. :slight_smile: