John "Cougar" "Pink Houses

Theres a track on here I’ve been using thats pretty good was seeing if someone could ad bass to it?

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I took at look at the file that Charles Spencer posted. Its a very nice multi part file. The problem with just “adding bass” to that file is that the bass parts are going to be cover multiple iterations of the existing drum parts.

I would really need a pretty detailed breakdown of how you perform it, in order to get a bass part to match up to the track. That would be something like Intro play X times, then I go to the Transition. Verse plays Y times, I use fill 1 here, verse play Z times, etc.

Short of that, I could probably make an intro, verse, chorus, outro version from an existing midi, but it wouldn’t have the fills and and transitions as separate parts like the drums only .sng does. That is really one of the limitations of the “with bass” format - the transitions have to match up with bass parts, and the fills can’t really be used at will, because, again, they would need to have a bass line under them.

If that would suit your needs, let me know, and I can give it a shot.

I do it like the record in G . I sometimes let the shaker intro go a little longer to take a swig of beer at a show!

I have the bass part put together, but I can’t tell what parts of the Spencer arrangement you are using for the verse vs. chorus, and I have no idea where you are putting the transitions. Here is the bass part.

I’m working up a new arrangement. I should have it up later today or early tomorrow.