John Frusciante - Murderers

Hey, y’all!

I just finished building the beat from John Frusciante’s song, “Murderers.” It’s such a jam, and pretty much ideal to play with the BeatBuddy format. I’m planning to cover the whole thing by having the BB and a Boomerang MIDI synced. Wanted to share here, in case there are any Froosh/Peppers fans amongst you, and because it’s dope. Dig it? Here’s the files (.drm, wavs, song).

My process:
All of the sample-chopping and MIDI-editing happened in FL Studio 21. The song starts with the intro beat right off the bat, and FL’s new AI Stem Separation tool, in conjunction with the Slicex plugin, made it easy to extract the beat samples. I took some liberties with the chorus and hi-hat sections: the drum stem was a little murky there, so I used a fresh 808 hi-hat, shaker, and low tom sample to restore the quality. I then loaded the samples into FPC, arranged them on MIDI piano roll grids, adjusted velocities, and finally exported each pattern as its own .mid file. That’s pretty much the formula I use every time for making BB beats in FL, which I’ve outlined in more detail in this post. The rest was done in BBM. I decided to have 9 parts in sequence, rather than 3 parts to switch between. That’s a personal preference you can easily modify in BBM depending on how you like to play. The accent open hi-hat sample is just something I threw in for fun for the footswitch. Lots of frustration in terms of software switching and conversions, but well worth the payoff. Anyway, hope you like the vibes and enjoy!

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Thanks, very nice reproduction of the groove.