John Prine “Angel From Montgomery”

ive been jaming this one acoustic but I heard the original tonight sounds so good with bass , drums and keys

I’ll put this on my to do list for Monday.

You da man…I was jamming this tonight be so nice with bass and drums

Are you doing it in G? I watched a couple YouTube videos, and there was one with John talking about the song, and then he played it, clearly playing a G and C for the intro.

I capo it in the 2nd ( key of E)

Whatever you think sounds good I can do it in any key

Cool. I’ll do it F# fir ya.

This is not as easy as I thought it would be. The 3/4 measures are causing problems. Anyhow, this is what I have so far. Please evaluate and criticize. Please be brutal. I want to get it right. The intro is 6x through the E, A pattern (capoed, of cource), and after each chorus, there are a couple E, A vamps.

I was hoping I could use Logic’s drummer to create the drum part, but it really hated seeing all the time changes. I can still uncomplicate it some, but I wanted to see what you thought before I moved on to my next steps.

K ill check it out Wednesday. I have a double tomorrow so I won’t ne able to rehearse till Wednesday. Thatnks brother!!

I re-did it to what I consider to be “right.” I posted it to Resources. The drums and bas build in complexity in the final verse and chorus to ad some variety, and the end strum out gets a little wild.