Just a shout-out to GrooveMonkee drums..

I have been setting up my BB for a little while now, and I have to give a big thanks to the guys at GrooveMonkee for their really terrific drum beats. I have not had to edit even one at this stage and I have pretty much all their main packs. The beats are sweetly random in both hits and velocities, subtle and very human like. They have realistic fills and no drummer has more than two arms or feet haha! Exceptionally easy to fit songs to all of them.

And they constantly update the drum beats and provide free updates. If you do not have any, check them out.

I don’t work for them and have no affiliation other than I am a customer, a very happy customer!

I feel the same way…good quality, reasonable prices.

Im just thinking of taking the plunge on a couple of groovemonkee packs for using in an acoustic setup

I’m seperately working on a set with an electric guitar, OPBs and loads of effects

What packs would you recommend for playing acoustic/strumming covers of general rock/pop/country/ballad songs?