Just bought the aeros

so my first issue is that with beatbuddy set as master as soon as I press play the aeros starts so all youve got is a 4 bar intro.
Is it possible to free style ie start the beatbuddy and come in with the loop whenever
How can you use it live otherwise

And also when you delete a loop you get a second of loop audio back thru
I was hoping that by now some of these things would’ve been fixed

Ok just did a firmware upgrade and it seems like that audio playback on stop/delete is fixed and the loop starting when the beatbuddy starts is something I’ll have to get used to? Ifs ok I guess just have to use the count in then set up the loop before launching into the vocal

You can disable the start recording on midi start in the Aeros settings. Does that get you what you want?

Alternatively, in the song settings you can specify a number of count in measures. Those happen in addition to the Beatbuddy intro measure. So while it’s not completely freestyle, you get the additional time you might like.

Does that mean you can start recording at any time in a song. I guess Im used to being able to record a track in the middle or at the end of a song to play lead on :thinking:

It does. The Aeros can react to midi sync start so that it starts playing but not recording. You have to manually push the record button on the Aeros whenever you’re ready.

It’s a little like having an unconnected looper. But it quantizes to the measure.

This thing is pretty damn good eh!

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It is.

It feels like these last could of updates have pushed it over the “minimum necessary functionality” line to equal everything else out there. I’ve got high hopes that subsequent updates are going to make it an essential item.

He Im still finding there is a second of loop playback when I delete a song. Rolling the vol off works just wondering if it can be stopped another way

That sounds like you’ve got the setting for “play/stop all” set to “press” rather than “release”.

The setting is a trade off. You’ve got to decide which you prefer.

When set to “press” you get more exact timing because the Aeros can trigger playback instantly. Great. But… The problem with trigger-on-press actions is that, at the moment of press, the Aeros doesn’t know whether it will turn into a press-and-hold (it would need to see into the future for that).

Result: when you want to “delete all” you get a trigger-on-press action for the accurate timing (a play), then, after the hold time, the press-and-hold action (which is delete all for this button).

With trigger-on-release actions no seeing into the future is necessary. The Aeros has the time of the press (which does nothing this time) and the time of the release. If the button was pressed for less than the threshold hold time it runs the normal push action (play). You can see the problem this time though: the action is delayed by the press time. That can be in the hundreds of milliseconds, which is an audible delay.

You have to decide then: accurate “play all” timing but a blast of loop playback when you “delete all”, or slightly delayed “play all” but silent “delete all”.

I’ve chosen the latter. You can learn to tap the play all button quickly to shorten the delay, and you can teach your brain to time the release rather than the press (which I had to learn already for my old boss rc-30, which operated its “stop” function on release not press). So I prefer silent delete all, which I do a lot more.

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Ok thanks for that I’ll look into it

Ive noticed that with press to stop if you hold down the button while playing then press delete with your other foot then the loop stops and deletes without any audio artifact
The beatbuddy continues until it is double tapped
So I was wondering what it would be like if
Aeros was master and beatbuddy slave so a press hold and delete on aeros would stop beatbuddy too
Is that possible

Hey there glad you got some assistance and things are working for you, thank you @kingofthejaffacakes for being so helpful, took the words right out of my mouth!

As to your question:

If the Aeros was acting as master clock (not something it can do just yet), the BeatBuddy would stop once the Aeros does, we would likely have to create some behaviors for the BB to either stop immediately or trigger the outro once it gets the MIDI Stop command from Aeros, or something of that nature, more news on that soon so stay tuned.

We would likely not create a stop command to stop the BB when deleting for this very reason. We are also going to be changing how deletion is done as explained here in our Hands Free Mode thread so it would not be an issue as far as starting the BB accidentally when deleting. We plan on doing this change before Master capabilities on the Aeros.

Thank you both for your feedback!

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