Just checking - there are no factory kits with rev already, yeah?

Just want to ask before I do some stuff. I cannot hear any, but JUST to be sure, I thought I’d check…

EDIT: tagged @GoranGrooves

By Rev you mean reverb?

Probably means monthly updates to premium library and or default content.


wow, such a simple question…Brennan you could have written, " by rev, you mean reverb? if so then yes/no rev(erb) is recorded with the samples."
The other response, I think, is a “smart-arse” comment referencing a thread where an obscure acronym was used and needed clarification.

All this proves that , yep, there are still plenty of stupid answers out there. I saw the tag to Goran…if I was asking about the Premium kits I would have asked him directly my email. I am asking about the factory kits which I would have assumed (incorrectly now it would appear) a SS (that’s Singular Sound) rep (that’s representative) would have the ability to answer.

Hey @pax-eterna,
The default kits (with the exception of the Ethereal kit) do not have reverb added to them. They all have the natural room ambiance imprinted into them. That’s the case with most of the drumsets I produce. Only occasionally I may add some reverb on a component (such as some percussion), but I refrain from doing so.

btw I don’t feel Brennan was trying to be a “smart-arse”, but rather clarify. Yes, he could have written the potential answer (and he did inquire with me). In the same way, you also could have written the full “reverb” right at the get-go and avoid any possible misunderstanding :wink:


Thank you. Well all I can say is that is what I would have done - simply to save time. Make sure I have the term correct and then post the reply. I understand why he did it, and was just trying to clarify, my comment was more a suggestion. The “smart-arse” comment was NOT directed at Brennan!

is it possible to turn off the reverb on the drumset defaut “brushes” or to have a new drumset brushes without reverb ?

It’s not possible to turn off reverb that is already present in a kit. Kits are made from samples that are recorded. They are not getting run through any kind of onboard effects processor.

Can a kit be made without reverb? Sure. You can make a kit anyway that you wish.

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