Just cleaned house!

When I get something new I have a tendency to try everything. So I loaded up the BB manager with all kinds of drum sets and songs and blah…blah…blah. Screwed up in the beginning and had no idea where some of these imports landed at. I do know when I started the Manager it took quite a bit of time to load. Plus I had duplicates of whatever. Anyway I flushed it all down the drain and did a fresh install right onto my hard drive of the computer this time. Now I start it up, it pops right open…until I start loading up again :wink: This time I’ll be more tidy.

Frank B^)

Been there …lol saving BB mgr projects, … trying to get my footswitch problem corrected …
(which turned out to be a coding issue) … left me w 53 gigs of redundant 'useless ’ disk space.
My hard drive thanked me. :wink:

LOL. I bet. Thing is you have to be careful when importing songs. Be real careful where they go each time. That was one of my little problems. It’s all good.

I use a usb stick …all of my produced .sng’s go into ‘my songs’ .
I used to dump song files into one folder …got confusing quickly, ( duplicated songs)
all bb songs made by members … are now changed to a list of member contributions.
… a little easier to manage. :wink:

Good idea there. Been thinking of a way to keep my downloads more streamlined.