Just found my first buzz kill if true... no tempo sync

I had assumed that when loading an Aeros saved song it would recall the BB preset and tempo. I pulled up a song that was still on the right preset but I had to reset the BB tempo because it played out of whack. I certainly hope I’m doing something wrong. This is a game changer in the wrong direction for me.

The BeatBuddy is the master device. As such , the Aeros cannot tell the BeatBuddy what the tempo is. The Aeros will show the correct tempo, you need to match it on the BeatBuddy.

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Sorry, I like to be succinct and it always seems to come off as curt.

If you have a Midi Maestro, you can use the expression pedal port to change the tempos on the BeatBuddy as it is the master device over the BeatBuddy. There are also midi commands for tap tempo (CC-117), raise tempo by increment you specify (CC-80), or lower tempo by increment you specify (CC-81), so you can use any midi controller and not just a Midi Maestro.

Your Aeros will hold the tempo of your recordings and display them so its easy to match your BeatBuddy. If you are on a blank recording, changing tempos on the BeatBuddy will also change them on the Aeros. It just doesn’t work the other way. Sorry Man, but as you continue to use your setup, I think that you’ll find that this isn’t as big a problem as you might envision that it is now.

b0n3 I took your comments in no way but extremely helpful and I appreciate them. Thank you. Would seem like a vast improvement, when a song is loaded, to use the MIDI in the other direction and set the preset and tempo on the BeatBuddy. Would greatly speed up a show and keep you from having to bend down and figet in the dark.

I currently use backing tracks with Showbuddy. The MIDI controls our lights, fog and presets on Eventide, mixer, Axe III amps and other devices. So we go from song to song with no gaps.

Envisioning the BB/Aeros as a one man gig the current process seems improvable regarding song flow.

Do you have a laptop or a tablet? Because you can totally use them as master to do all the things you want automatically. In that I mean you can display lyrics of your chosen song, have the app send midi commands to your BeatBuddy via a bluetooth midi dongle (like $60 iirc) to specify which song to either the Aeros, the BeatBuddy, or both, specify tempos, or any other midi command that you’d like to send to your looping setup. All you have to do in the app is change songs. I use OpenSongApp for this and I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty slick.

Also, can you not put your looping setup into your midi loop and just let ShowBuddy be your midi controller?

This is great to know. I do have a MacBook Pro so Showbuddy could be the controller. I haven’t heard of Open Song but I do have OnSong maybe it does the same. I would be hard pressed to replace the Showbuddy setup. I was mainly interested in a more minimal approach and realistically just for practice. Metronome on steroids type deal where I could craft dual leads and song ideas. It is definitely doing a great job at that. My playing time has increased substantially.

If you use a Mac, I’m pretty sure you’ll be wanting OnSong. Or at least that seems to be the concensus, although I am also hearing great things about Loopy Pro which is also for Apple and might also help you pare down your setup.

Hi - FWIW, I also use onsong from my ipad to control BB and Aeros… with some semi-simple set up for each song, Onsong sets drum/tempo and recalls the song on Aeros. My understanding is that Onsong also does lighting controls, etc., but I haven’t used that feature yet.
Works great for me!