Just Getting Started

So I just ordered my BeatBuddy and the 2 button pedal. I am a worship pastor and I want to set up grooves that I can start, use fills, and outro for each song. I’ve watched a lot of the videos, but haven’t found a clear answer to my question, probably due to my ignorance.
Can I setup a groove for each song and create a playlist to go from one to the next, using only the pedal and 2 button box? I don’t have to have the name of the song displayed, nor do I need to build the entire roadmap of the song in the software. This seems like a nice feature, but just don’t need it yet.
In essence, I’d like to start a song, do some fills, end it, press a button to advance to the next song and repeat …

I appreciate any ideas and info. Peace!

I think it can be connected with your ipad to Onsong app to do what you want

See also the video’s of Antonie Botha, he also has loads of worship songs to download. https://www.youtube.com/c/BeatBuddyWorship

Yes! I saw that video last night. So, when you download these songs, everything comes in with it? What about the software for the PC, does it come with the pedal, or bought separately?


You’ll have to download the software

Yes, you can do all of that with the main pedal, the outboard footswitch, and Beat Buddy Manager. Build songs and set lists on BBM, drive the songs and navigate the list using the main and outboard pedal.

I use the BB for smaller gigs and practices where the drummer is not available. The BG Mgr software is perfect for this. What I do is find a beat for a song, export it snd then import it to my SetList folder. Then I rename it to the actual song. Using this process you won’t lose your favorite beats by moving them from their original location.

Then, you can setup the 2 button switch as follows:
Have button 1 act just like the beat buddy main pedal.
For button 2, you can set it up so that it will advance to the next song when the BB is NOT playing a beat. You can also select a pause function to use when the BB is playing a beat. It’s great for songs in which a drummer would normally stop for a beat for effect. When you hit the button again, it always restarts on the first beat regardless of where you stopped.

I find a easier solution with SongBookPlus and widimaster. I find it easier with one page Programming. I created this video awhile back.