Just lost everything on SD Card - Just all of a sudden gone

I have a back,up in computer. Has all the default info, but have lost a hours of user files (Bad on me for not backing up sooner).

How do I get my backup default files back onto SD card?

Getting message to re-format card. Did not do that, but card is now empty. No songs on sd card inserted in the pedal - none showing in manager with card in computer - - gone.

Got original BB Files back on SD card.

  1. Opened my Downloads File on my computer desktop.
  2. Opened my firmware file. Copied that info.
  3. Went to my Beat Buddy Folder (again, on my computer desk top)
  4. Opened that folder and copied contents.
  5. Stayed in that folder and pasted those files into SD Card file.
  6. Then copied contents
  7. Pasted into external SD card drive G in my computer.

Still lost 2 weeks of work though.


That really sucks! Any idea what happened?

From what you describe in your thread, it sounds like you’re using the SD card to manage your project. Although it’s a technique, it may not be the best one to preclude issues like this from happening again.

If you’re not using your computer and the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as the main source of managing and filing the contents of your BeatBuddy (BB) project, you should start doing so.

Although it’s rather counterintuitive, your bbworkspace is where everything should be happening with your project and your SD card can be thought of as your backup project (even though the SD card contains the data for your pedal). If you’re using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to save your project to your SD card, you might want to rethink your workflow.

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Also, there is software on the market that will let you recover “deleted” files – even if the partition has been deleted (as long as you didn’t create a new one).

BEFORE restoring your card, get one of these packages (something like Undelete) and plug the card into a computer and see if you can recover what is “lost”

It’s not a perfect solution, but next time might allow you to recover some of your lost work.

It’s always nice to have data recovery software as a backstop however, there need not be a next time when users work on and save projects on and to their computers and then either export or synchronize the project from their computers using the BBM to the SD card.

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