Just purchased the Premium Package

Looking through the massive collection of beats and songs and I’m having a hard time finding a simple pattern that would fit the Monkees “Daydream Believer”. “boom chick bo boom chick” :slight_smile: Any suggestions?

You could try ballad 3 at 125 bpm

You can also search the forum for ideas and other sources: Search results for 'Daydream believer' - Singular Sound Forum

Thanks, it was somewhat close, but not exact. I’m going to assume it has to be in the premium package. I just have to go through all the beats to find it. We had an old Korg drum machine from the late 70’s that had a rock beat and if you pushed the “swing” function, it emulated the exact rhythm I need. And it was used on a LOT of songs back then. I’ll just keep searching. :slight_smile:

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I did find something about programming a beat, but it’s way over my head. The drum pattern I need is so basic I have to assume it’s buried in the premium package. I just need to have patience and keep searching. Thank you.

Found it in the Country Beats Collection. Country Beats #6 at 125 BPM. yay!