Just started and problem with synchonising project

I watched the videos etc but something is still wrong somewhere. Windows 10.

Downloaded latest BB Manager
Created project
Put all drum kits and songs onto card (bought a load in the recent promotion)
All show up in the project in BB Manager

But when I try to synchronise I don’t get the “loading bar” but it takes me to Windows File Manager and asks to save folder. The folder name is blank and if I put a name in then it says “path not found” or similar.

I had installed the BB Manager several months ago so I uninstalled and did a fresh install. The Manager recognises the same new and old content on the SD card but still won’t synchronise.

When I put the card into BeatBuddy I dont see any of the downloaded library content.

Also I have the latest Firmware installed on BB. Image attached.[ATTACH=full]6046[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6046[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6046[/ATTACH]

Let’s try taking it from the top:

  • from BBM Tools > Set Workspace Location (to wherever your bbworkspace folder is located on your computer)
  • BBM File > Open Project and navigate to wherever you saved your project; if you saved it to your SD card, you should be prompted to save to your computer
  • your project should now be saved in your bbworkspace folder; try making some changes to your project in the BBM and Save Project
    to verify where your project is saved to, hover over the Project Explorer and it should reveal the path to your project as in my screen shot
  • try to Synchronize Project (to SD Card); if it’s greyed out on the menu, then try to Export > Project to SD Card

From the looks of your screen shot, I’m wondering what that “data” folder represents as I don’t normally see that on my SD card (but I’m using a Mac, though). I also don’t see your f/w files on your SD card.

Well I totally missed any reference to the BB Workspace. Sorry for that. Your instructions work flawlessly until the part about sync / export to SD card whereupon I get the same error as before. However I followed through and exported to SD card. Initial use in BB showed “no songs” error but I went through it all again and now it appears to work fine.

I want ti thank you for not only your detailed response but your quick, accurate and friendly reply.

Glad I could help.