Just the drums, only the drums?.....

Just wondering if there is a resource here that has ONLY drum beats for songs and none of the other MIDI stuff?

I have tried a few of these that have bass and such but it seems the drum beats for songs have been sacrificed in order to accommodate all the midi stuff? Although that could just be me or my BB unit?? hahaha!

Anyhoo, just thought I’d ask.

Find songs in Resources that have DOP (drums one-press) in the title. There are also some songs that may have wording such as drums only or drums no bass.

thanks. I will do that. Well for those that actually have something to download that is :slight_smile: a lot simply do not exist.

What about the ones that are OBk, or similar?

okay so here is the thing - example Song, Turn The Page. I Load this into BB Manager and all I get is a bar at the bottom of the song view section that says OPB and all it plays is a couple of hats and some crashes, and then in the section titled Main Drum Loop it says Null and plays nothing? This happens with most of the songs. Didn’t think trying to add beats to a drum machine would be this fraught with hassle tbh.

OTOH the ones from Goran Grooves load and play perfectly. Is it that you guys have some sort of unique setups on your devices that a user having a unit pretty much still at factory (but with the additional drumkits loaded) cannot use the songs in the resources section?

I am still pretty new to this device, although I can get all the factory stuff to work as expected.

[]Make sure you have the right drum set downloaded, imported and active that the song calls for.
]If the OPB is at the top of the song (in the Intro) it will require a single tap on the pedal or Virtual Machine
[*]If the OPB is at the bottom of the song (in the Outro) it will require a double-tab

Okay, so how do you tell which ones will actually have something in them that works or not?

For example I tried Turn The Page and all there is under the Main Drum Loop column is the tab titled NULL which, well, plays nothing at all except one kick drum on beat 1 at a velocity of 1?, and under the Drum Fill section only plays a few crashes and hats.

Whereas another one, Wicked Games plays exactly as expected?

Null is just that. Null, nada, nothing, zero. In an OPB song (one Press bass), the whole song is in the intro or outro section, depending upon who made the song. Some song creators try to be very close to the original song. So, if I am not mistaken, Bob Seger’s Turn the Page has almost no accompaniment for the first verse. That being the case, the OPB has almost no accompaniment for the first verse. Just let the song play and you’ll hear the drums come in when they are supposed to. And, if you find you don’t like the OPB songs and you want to do the tap dance to use Goran’s songs, then do that.

Many, many of us have been using the OPB songs with no problems. But, if you find it “fraught with hassle,” do what works for you.

I also tried to find the kit NP Standard Pro Bass, but I cannot find it in the Drum kit resources unles it has some different acronym to describe it?

Yeah that’s the thing - you guys have been with it for a long time, and you therefore expect someone new to be at your level forgetting you started at probably the same place! I could not find anywhere that OPB actually means the whole song is under the one tab, until you just advised then. Who’d a thought that One Press Bass means that’s the whole song…

And, well if the song is set up to play as a one pass, without any ability to vary it a a gig - IE add another chorus or verse, particularly when someone gets up to dance in the last eight bars then yeah, these are not for me. All I need is the basic beats for the song that can be stopped and started whenever the need arises.

It’s not a criticism of what your are doing, whatever works for you is fine. I am just a poor Joe trying to get my head around all of this stuff!

There are plenty of posts here on the forum that can help you e.g., http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/is-there-a-guide-to-what-obpks-and-all-those-other-acronyms-stand-for-listed-anywhere.8087/

And there are many other helpful posts as well. Might not be a bad idea to browse contents of the General Discussion, Tips and Tricks and Technical Support sections http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php

If you still have problems or questions, post your questions here.

But it was a criticism. If you want help, ask before you criticize. You’ll find we are very helpful when we are treated with courtesy instead of attitude.

You mean like the attitude you are giving me? Not sure how you got “attitude” from text, so you are cleverer than me.

I just don’t bother with “flowery” speech in text messages. I just get to the point. If that bothers you then that’s your problem not mine. I repeat what I wrote is not a criticism, more an observation of methodology.

Fine. Done.

Thank you for the links. I did do a search for names but could not find that link you posted. I have browsed the General Discussion, putting in search terms to try and find specific info.