Just the FAQs?

OK, so the header says “Got a question that our FAQs can’t answer?”. My first question is, where can I find the FAQs? I’ve been looking all over the main site and these forums and can’t find 'em. Just got my BBMini and I’m diving in.

And nothing but the FAQs :slight_smile: at https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/faq/

Thank you!

Sorry, I don’t really want to shoot the ‘messenger’, but that FAQ’s linked points to the ‘Beatbuddy Premium Library’ and is about the content in that library. The OP has the BB Mini which I believe can’t load library content. I’m suspecting the OP was looking for a FAQ specific to his BB Mini(?).
I don’t know if there are videos on the BB Mini, but perhaps if they exist, those may be of help.