Just the way you are (Bruno Mars) cover. BeatBuddy, Voicelive 2, Yamaha Acoustic & Me.

Hi everybody, I modified a song in the Beatbuddy default library for this cover song.
So here it is: Live @ AVPRO Ep. 2!

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Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/hariswara
Website: www.avpro.co.nz


Most excellent, Diego. Keep 'em coming, please!

Hey Diego,
Big thumbs up from this old Ga Boy! I love this song, and really like the twists you put on it! I agree with Persist… Keep 'em coming!

Cheers Persist. No worries… more coming soon.

Thanks Sequencepro. Yeah, Bruno Mars is awesome! Will have more songs soon. Cheers

Wow for the performance and the amount of gear you have. Very nice

Thanks jstrauss. a new one is up and this time its an original. I 've posted it the video thread but here is the link anyways:


Another great job on everything. Performance and I love the professional quality of your video’s. There’s nothing armature about your video’s. Hey just curious are you Filipino?

Thanks man, Nope I am Balinese :). I get that a lot though.