Just Your Fool re-up - Blues - Rolling Stones - Blue and Lonesome, Little Walter

Uses NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio.

Includes: .sng, my original midi file, midi parts, chords and lyrics.

Very interesting structure, this one. Opens with a 12 bar blues in A. Then, the two verse are 8 bar blues, but its not the Key to the Highway pattern. After the two 8 bar verses, we get a jam, going back to the 12 bar A. On the record, its one time through. I have set this up as the loop, so you can jam as long as you like.

Finally, it goes into a bridge, with a non-traditional structure. It starts simple enough, 4 -1, 3 times, then to the 5, for 6 beats, back to the 1, for 8 beats, including a 2/4 measure, and then closing with the last 4 bars of the * bar verses. Coo, but watch the timing.

Verse 3 is simple enough. Its the 8 bar pattern, and end on the A, or A7.

Download Here

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