Keep losing songs!!!

I am using Mac. I create a song folder…everything looks great. I’m saving the project and synchronizing with the SD Card. Take out the card plug into BB and its works!!!

Then go back to edit/add more songs and the song list shows only 3 or 4 songs not the 10-15 I had in their!

The SD card in the beat buddy shows the 15 songs. I even made a copy of the SD card and it works my BB as well.

I must be doing something wrong. I have tried deleting everything and starting over…just wasted 3 hours loading up my SD card again…same thing…come back to the computer to add more…load it up and…just 3 songs now…HELP!

…its me again…I think it has something to do with the config.csv file. It appears its not updating b/c I see all the .bss files but the .csv file only lists 3 songs. Looks like a bug.

Make sure your songs don’t have any special characters such as Mrs. Robinson (the period on Mrs.). It should be Mrs Robinson. Don’t muck about the BBM files in the Finder as the BBM uses its own file managing system to keep track of things.