Kemper to BB & Midi PC messages

I have been trying in vain to control the BB with my kemper profiler footswitch. The kemper is only able to send PC messages in performance mode when you switch rigs. I set it to send on channel 1 PC 113 … this did not work as from my very limited knowledge of midi it seems there is a different types of messages and the BB only understands CC type messages and not PC type messages. Does this sound correct? Has anyone managed to get a kemper to control the BB beyond setting the tempo? Is it possible to also make the BB understand PC messages?

Thanks in advance

PC and CC messages in midi perform different functions. Typically a PC message changes a patch in a midi controlled sound bank. Thus, your Kemper makes proper use of the PC (Program Change or Patch Change) messages. CC messages change a setting on a midi based control. Some are on/off, some are a value between 0 and 127 from low to high. These are Control Change or Continuous Controller messages. There are some devices that can remap messages. These are usually another black box for your pedal collection. So there may be a device you could plug in between your Kemper and your BB to remap Kemper commands to affect the BB. Search for midi remapping in your favorite search engine, and you might find something. Offhand, I do not immediately know of one, however Midi Solutions makes a range of products that may include one to fit your needs.

Wow… thank you Phil for such an explanation. I don’t think I will get a new interface as it is not so important I’ll just keep using the BB pedal as is. Was just interested if I could get them to talk to each other to keep the Kepmer looper in time with the BB.